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    Aluminum Texas Rollback Trailer FS Jacksonville

    IN Jacksonville, FL,,,,, trailer has maybe 800 miles on it, Optional Air Dam, Alumn Wheels, Aluminum Extruded floor, stored on driveway,not in grass or dirt, MINT $6500 ($8500 new) YES THEY ARE EXPENSIVE TRAILERS, but nothing loads or tows like a Rollback, load the Lowest car with ease.No rusting, chipping paints etc, etc ,etc, I've had Steel trailers & they look like crap in a few months, & I spent way too much time & money repainting them! Email for more pictures or Phone # Here's Specs:

    Remember: NO RAMPS, NO HYDRAULICS, NO ELECTRIC WINCHES, OR DANGEROUS TILT BEDS! Our trailer is a true "roll-back".

    In addition, our trailers solve the following “MacGyver tactics”:
    · Jacking up the rear of the tow vehicle to lower the approach angle of the trailer
    · Crawling out the window/trunk of your car because the doors won’t clear the fenders
    · Crawling back IN the window/trunk to unload the car
    · Adding ramps/wood blocks to the front of the car so it won’t scrape
    · Jacking up the trailer itself (while attached) to lower the approach angle
    Other problems solved or possibly avoided might be:
    · Pins coming loose on traditional trailer ramps on the highway (yikes!)

    · Hydraulic leaks with other tilt-down mechanisms
    • battery or Pump failure on hydraulic systems
    • …any of these mishaps will certainly ruin your day!
    Dexter axleswith four wheel electric brakes are used on all trailers. Springs and shackles are used for safety and accurate straight line towing.

    It's simple - Release three pins. Set the trailer brakes and back up. The bed moves back and tilts down to a 5 degree angle. This allows quick and simple loading of your car. Open your door to get out. Leave the windows up! Lock the doors! Strap your car down. Get back in your tow vehicle. Set the trailer brakes. Slowly pull forward. The deck of the trailer will move forward on to the carriage to a locking position. Reset the three locking pins..


    * 8ft. 6in. x 22ft. overall
    * 7000# on Std, 10400# on HD
    * 6ft. 8in. Wide x 18ft. Total Deck
    * Two recessed Deck Lights
    * Fender Height 10 1/2 in.
    * D.O.T. Safety lighting
    *2 5/16in. Bulldog Hitch
    * 2 Deck Lights w/Switch
    * Bulldog (swivel) Jack
    * 4 - 6000# Swivel Flush D-Rings
    * 2 - 3500# 4in. drop Spring Axels w/3 in. tube
    * ST205/75R14 Radial Trailer Tires
    *Emergency Breakaway Switch
    * Lift Off Fenders with Rock Guard
    *Electric Brakes Both Axels
    * Aluminum Tongue and Grove Flooring
    * Aluminum Rims w/chrome Centers & lug nuts
    * Pin Striping

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