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    dennis68 Guest

    OK, I know I promised-

    no updates until it had the suspension/brakes and epoxy on it but the smugglers box came out so damn good I had to show it off. smugglers box

    BTW- the compressor [email protected] out so no nasty comments about how unfinished it looks. I'll clean it up and paint next weekend. I'm thinking of putting some black indoor/outdoor on the lid bottom and the base area, we'll see.

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    hey.... what?

    I can't see it Den??? What gives?? So did we figure out what your doing with your rear suspension? I know Vince
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    dennis68 Guest
    Sorry-had to buy more bandwidth. Damn geocities-here have some free space, whoops exceeded transfer rate, you got to buy more. Hey are you following me?

    Going with the 3-link and PHB for sure. I'll post pics and details in suspension when I get that far.

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    So, are you gonna add the cooler for the tailgate parties too?
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