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      May 2022

      Long-time listener, first time caller.

      Hey all! I'm Alex(girl), based out of Florida. My dad has been showing/sending me posts/pictures from the forum since I was 10-years-old. Now I'm looking to buy a first gen Camaro of my own (or possibly a C3 corvette) and thought I should get my own account. Thrilled to be part of the group!

      I currently have some (nonpro-touring) toys and thought I'd share some of them below.

      1990 Rx7 Turbo II
      F56 Cooper S
      Birel Lo206 Kart

      Name:  rx7adc.jpg
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      Nov 2018
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      Welcome aboard, always nice to see women getting into this hobby. While you're waiting on your project you should start a thread on your RX7, looks like it's been modified already and there's no reason to not make a thread on one you've finished.
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      Apr 2018
      Sweet rides! Welcome aboard

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      Aug 2007
      Jonesboro, Arkansas
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      Welcome to the site. There's a lot of great people here full of ideas to help you.

      Carl Wilson
      1968 Camaro - T-56 6 speed - 383 Stroker, 2014 Mustang GT seats. FiTech EFI, Tanks Inc. Tank with Deutschwerks fuel pump.

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      Aug 2007
      Normal, IL
      Welcome to the site! Your s5 fc has a twin with a 20b here in central IL.

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      Apr 2001
      The City of Fountains
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      Hi Alex,

      Welcome! I am a big fan of the second gen RX7s! I built a LS swapped one, almost 20 years ago...

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