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      Oct 2015
      Western Mass
      Country Flag: United States

      Wanted: 1969 Camaro Rear Spoiler in Throwaway Condition

      Looking for a used 69 Camaro rear spoiler that is cracked, chipped, damaged but has a base that I can salvage. Hopefully all mounting studs are intact but show me what you have. I want to build my own spoiler, kind of a combo of a Anvil and Kindig but maybe a bit lower in height. Will pay for packing and shipping. TIA-Mike

      '69 LeMans Blue Coupe, White Interior, Massaged .030" over 454, Super T10 4-Speed,
      Holley 4150, Pertronix Ignition, CompCams Xtreme Energy XS274S, 781 Oval Port Heads

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      Nov 2016
      Sulphur, La
      I may have one. I'll have to check