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      Oct 2011

      Raingear Wipers with AAW kit

      Hey guys,

      Im trying to figure out where to get the power wire from the AAW harness to power the Raingear wipers. Power wire must be in the cabin. The AAW kit has a power wire for the wiper motor which is fused but it exits into the engine bay. How do I get this wire in the cabin? This is for a 69 Camaro

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      I would probably use the brown ACCY1 wire in the accessory harness.

      1969 Camaro - LSA 6L90E AME sub/IRS
      1957 Buick Estate Wagon
      1959 El Camino - Ironworks frame
      1956 Cameo - full C5 suspension/drivetrain

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      Apr 2018
      The AAW classic update kit provides 4 wires to the wiper motor. Call them power, low, high, & wash.
      The Raingear setup needs 5 connections at the motor...power, low, high, park, and ground.
      I'd access the wiring at the fusebox/bulkhead. Locate the power wire for the wipers (yellow or white i believe),
      Remove that terminal from bulkhead, add additional wire to reach wiper switch. Reterminate with female terminal, reinsert into bulkhead. This will be power at wiper switch, 'B' terminal.
      Repurpose the 'wash' wire, connect to 'P' terminal at switch. Add a ground wire at the wiper motor to body
      Are you running a washer pump? The lighting side of the bulkhead has open terminal positions you can use
      for the pump.


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      Oct 2011
      Mark thanks, but that seems super complicated because I’d have to take apart the fuse block. It’s much simpler for me anyways to just use the acc1 circuit since there is already a fused power wire in the cabin. I was trying to see if there is a power wire in the cabin specifically for the wiper motor/washer, but it seems like there is not.