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    Thread: Fender Packing

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      Fender Packing

      This in on my 1958 Chevy Delray.

      When I replaced the rear inner and outer quarter panels there was a factory packing in between the fenders. Looks like horsehair from an old seat. It had glue and was painted over with the factory paint.

      I assume that is was in there for rattling and sound deadening or support. the panel does flex a bit in that area now that i have removed this stuff. The car is all sealed (POR 15) up so I am not worried about it holding moisture and rusting out.

      So my question is what can I spray in there to provide the same effect? I had though of using some kind of spray foam.
      Any Ideas?

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      I would apply sheet sound deadener. Anything like a spray foam will just provide pockets to hold moisture.

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      Tracey nailed it ,as for a spray sound deadener vs a self adhesive style ...? i dunno pick your favorite Lizard skin vs Dynamat. Probably the same as a ford vs chevy thing . Everyone will have an opinion as to why they like what they like but at the end of the day they all serve a purpose . My 1.94 cent opinion... spray bedliner on the bottom of the car and in the wheel wells then self adhesive style sheet sound deadener on the inside of the car .
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