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      Mar 2013
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      67 Camaro tunnel question

      Throwing in an LS3 on preferably a DSE frame or something similar so know angle/position can vary a bit.

      Either way itís an auto car and staring to give up on finding an LS 4th gen fbody t56 and know I need to modify for that one

      I am considering a 5 speed for it but really donít know what kind to look for or if any easier for install either.

      Goals with the car is going to be a cruiser of course but also autocross when I can find any event near me. Nothing competition wise but something to have as a good driver

      Thank you
      LS3 1967 Camaro RS

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      Feb 2016
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      If you're open to a 5 speed you should consider the new Tremec TKX. It will fit the Camaro without any tunnel modifications. We've got them in stock over here and I can set you up with a complete conversion package if needed. If you're still wanting to go with a 6 speed and want to cut for fitment we also can set you up with a new Magnum package.
      visit us on the web at www.bowlertransmissions.com