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      PRICE DROP 78 Trans Am LS/6spd Restomod

      78 Trans Am
      Owner - Kyle Simpson 864-597-6885
      Spartanburg, SC
      $47K (price drop down from $52k on 4/7/21)

      Up for sale is this bad to the bone 78 Trans Am resto mod. This car started life as a nicely optioned red Trans Am (build sheet included). It was restored in 2016 and now has 10,000 miles on the build. The new car bugs are long gone, and you can drive this car anywhere, worry free. I put over 200 miles on it just this weekend at Run to the Sun in Myrtle Beach, SC. The car was a complete nut and bolt rotisserie resto, and was done by a father and son who own a performance and resto shop. Nothing was left untouched on the car. All factory metal was reused and is laser straight. A few chips here and there from normal driving but nothing that anyone really notices. It will win shows, run hard on the track, daily drive if you want to, or take long trips. This car always draws a crowd, sounds killer, and runs great. I had the car for sale this weekend at a car show, with offers in the low to mid 40 range, and wanted to see if this crowd wanted it more.

      Rotisserie restoration
      All factory panels
      Fiberglass front and rear bumpers, custom Camaro RS spoiler
      PPG Martinique Blue
      5 year ceramic coating on full exterior
      Smoothed and shaved firewall, very nice engine bay.
      Brian Finch billet door vents

      DSE weld-in Subframe connectors
      Notched subframe for low mount AC and Alternator
      C5 Corvette 4-wheel disc brakes
      Quick-Ratio steering box
      ridetech upper and lower front control arms
      ridetech coilovers front and rear
      Ridetech 4-link rear suspension
      DSE Minitubs
      17x9, 17x12 Year One Snowflakes
      335 rear tires


      LS1, Vengeance Vindicator cam (240/244 605/596 112+4), Dart Pro1 Heads, 430rwhp
      T56 trans
      Old school Pontiac valve covers and hood scoop added
      Centerforce clutch, very easy pedal
      Long Tubes and full Magnaflow exhaust with H-Pipe, factory tips
      GM 12-Bolt, 3.73 Detroit Locker

      Gen IV Vintage Air, 3 knob streamline controller
      Custom rear seat delete with 2 L7 Kicker Subs
      Factory door panels
      MB Quart 6x9s
      MB Quart 1200 watt sub amp
      MB Quart 600 watt 4 channel
      8 point roll bar (welded in)
      Autometer Cobalt Gauges, carbon bezel
      Custom center console (Modern Classic Interiors), shifter, and carbon
      Power windows
      Power locks
      Power trunk
      DSE Wipers (relocated from firewall)

      All this car needs is a new owner. The few items that I have noticed that I would address are:
      1. headliner is a little warped and could stand replacing. Not terrible, but it's something I'd do
      2. car has no park brake assembly, so I would add maybe an electric park brake. Park brakes are installed on rear.
      3. Heater control valve is not opening up with the Vintage Air controller. I have not dug into this issue yet, could be a simple fix. AC blows Ice cold and the system works flawlessly aside from that.
      4. Hood hinges need repainting. I ordered black Ring Brothers hinges which will go with the car if not already installed.

      more pics and videos on request

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      Also open to trades up or down!

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      Nice bird Kyle.

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      Oct 2019
      BUMP! Big price drop to $47k.

      You will NOT find more car for the money....just compare it to the other 2 late 2nd Gen birds on here and you'll see that!
      I have also ordered brand new Ring Brothers hinges in black, which will go with the car for the right price, or even be installed prior if I have time.

      8645976885 let's make a deal

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      Any interest in a 17 Challenger Hellcat in trade? Silver with red leather...lots of mods.

      Also I see the block is painted blue is it a iron block or aluminum? I know it says LS1 and LS1s are aluminum I have just never seen anyone paint an aluminum block motor before.

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      No interest in that trade but yes the entire motor is painted base coat clear coat

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      Oct 2019
      It's an LS1 from a 4th Gen FBody

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      Oct 2019
      Still up for grabs.

      Buyer went MIA. Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours.

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      Kansas City, Missouri
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      Sorry Kyle thats so aggravating. If ur not interested don't respond and if something changes be big enough man to say. Good luck

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      Oct 2019
      Car is sold