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      Nov 2020

      SpeedTech coilover "track time" package, Looking for feedback

      Anyone running the SpeedTech track time coil over setup on an A-Body (72 Chevelle)? I'm looking for feed back, Im trying to decide on what coil over setup to go with. Car will mostly be used for highway driving, street performance, very spirited drives and a few track days here and there..

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      Nov 2008
      Lawrenceburg, TN
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      give me a call at the shop Monday 931-231-4505, Suspension Geek, lets talk parts, and get you a better price
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      Oct 2011
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      Just to throw another company out there. The UMI Performance LeMans is pretty fast and capable.

      And Suspension Geek is a well respected, race experienced, knowledgeable dealer for us...
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      UMI Performance, Inc.
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