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    Rear brakes not getting pressure?

    I have my Wilwood proportioning valve turned all the way in to get max line pressure to my rear brakes, but I can't seem to be able to get them to lock up. Granted, I have BP30 pads in my Aerolite fronts and BP10 in the FNSL rears. I switched out the 30's I had in the rear because I was getting a weird harmonic vibration sound when rolling to a stop, or moving forward very slowly. The sound went away after the bp10's went in, I can't seem to be able to get the rears to lock up before the fronts on pavement. I know the front pads are much more aggressive, but I thought I could adjust for that with my proportioning valve. I thought the combination would give me the feel I wanted for the street without the increased wear on the rears between track days. Thoughts?

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    The prop valve can't increase pressure so the first course of action would be to remove it.

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    Bleeder pressure gauges aren't very expensive, I used it to check my Wilwood setup. May be worth trying.
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    Is it possible that you have your MC lines reversed? I believe pressure is applied to rear brakes first then front that’s why a proportioning valve is needed.