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      Aug 2004
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      which system for 1st timer?

      Gonna build this thing as N/A at first but will upgrade to twin turbo's with a max 18 lbs boost later. Want to get to know the F.I stuff before adding all that. It's a 461 Pontiac with Kuafman ported Edelbrocks. I'm confused with all the system's out there. If you were building this, who's system would you go with? Looks like my choices are Accel, Holley 950, Edelbrock, FAST, Motec, etc. I'm going to piece together a total system or purchase a BB chevy kit and modify a Pontiac intake for it. I'm hoping to learn with this system and be able to upgrade at a later date for the extra power of turbos. Thanks

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      Total package ideas....

      In a recent discussion about this ,the idea that it takes a really good tech to tune a system that really knows the particular system you are going to use. Not all tuners are equal and it makes for a frustrating and costly situation if you can't find a tuner or live close to them.
      One of the ways that I wish I had gone with is to buy a complete performance package from Lingenfelter. You could buy the cam and turbo setup along with the EFI and get a program that is tuned for it right out of the box that will be very close and only require fine tuning to get the most out of it. Along with it you will get the best tech help in the country.
      It is a very costly endeavor if you miss something or the tune isn't just right when you start it up and to pay for someone to help will cost you the same or more possibly in the end result.
      It would be very hard to find any other place other than Gale Banks Engineering that can do it right out of the box. Both use the Accel setup for most of their stuff so you can see where that leads you.
      Big Stuff 3 was brought up in the conversation as having the best resolution for tuning at the current time but you still will have to tune it and hope that you are close enough.
      These are just a few thoughts and maybe someone else will step up and let the knowledge loose.

      Jim Nilsen

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      Dec 2002
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      I went with the Ling Superram - with their recommended cam - worked out great - just had to get it programmed - but ran right out of the back - but just need the "fine tuning"

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      Jul 2005
      In terms of aftermarket computers, big stuff 3 is the best as far as I am concerned at this point.

      FAST is good, but older, BS3 has more features including tranny control if you need that.

      Any system you get, package or not will need fine tuned to run "CORRECTLY"

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      Aug 2004
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      I just installed a FAST XFi on my car with no prior EFI experience. It was simple to tune but would like to play with it on a dyno to get it dead nuts. I choose the FAst over the big stuff mostly because of local tuners familiarity with the fast stuff. But another factor was the Big Stuff tranny controller will not work with a Shrifter so in the future I would still need a tranny controller. I plan on finishing my turbo plumbing and then maximizing the fast's capabilties i'll let you know how it works with Boost.