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    What about this

    I talked to Joel the owner of Extreme speed track events. He is offering us a KILLER deal to go run the Big track at Willow June 11th. This is geared towards a big Camaro gathering. Joel is offering us to run the big track for $110.00 for the day. This is a GREAT price and normally is $145 to $160. If we register by May 25th with promotion code "protouring". We're in for $110, AND a free BBQ at lunch that day. So lets register at and go run our cars.................Mike... ALL CAMARO DEAL WILLOW BIG TRACK JUNE 11TH. this might answer some of our woes about RTTC cancellation. What do you guys think? Its right there for us. Natural road course, all the other arrangements made. Its right there on a platter for us..........Chime in guys[/B]

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    what about an "all muscle car" event? I don't have a Camaro but i like to play!
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