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    New guy signing in..

    Hi. Time to step out of the shadows. I'm a 23 year old guy form Norway. I've bought a 1970 Plymouth 'Cuda. It's beeing shiped form the US to europe these days. I plan to make a mean mopar g-machine. The plans are starting to form in my head. The car (hopefully) will reach Norwegian shores in mid april. It is a velvet black car, the driveline is a bulletproof 340, 727, 8 3/4 combo. I am the twinbrother of "fvike" who signed in here some weeks ago. His Mustang really made me want a real american musclecar(I've always been intressed in them, now I got the cash to get one), but I decided to go the RTS way instad of the offerings of Total Preformance.

    Joakim Vike
    -70 'Cuda

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    Welcome to the group! Sounds like a nice ride - those mopar's are sure climbing the charts. Good luck with your venture and hope that the car arrives as expected. Hope you learn as much here as I have.

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    welcome to the site. make sure and post some pics of the car when it gets there!