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Thread: Resto details-

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    Resto details-

    I've got a 73 Nova hatchback I picked up for next to nothing. It had a bent front subframe, a thrashed interior, a smashed gas tank, hacked up wiring, and no drivetrain. As per build sheet it was an original 350 2bbl with a 3 speed on the floor and bucket seats. I decided to use this car as a learning experience and rebuild it from the ground up. I've found a donor frame, bought a full poly bushing kit, picked up a power steering box, brake power booster, and front disc spindles from a wrecking yard, have rebuilt a 406 small block, found and rebuilt a 10 bolt posi with new 3.36 gears, plan for a 5 speed, etc etc...

    I want the car to look "factory stock" and fresh off the assembly line, like '73 245hp 350 engine stickers etc, and am wondering where can I get info on where all those factory paint marks should be on the suspension, firewall, etc...??

    I saw a restored Yenko clone Nova w/17" wheels on ebay that was as clean as a whistle and had some of these paint marks. About half way through the auction it was going for $17,000+ but I never saw what it ended up at. I guess all the little details made it more valuable. Thanks for any input.

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    try the resto houses, (Year One, etc) there is alot of info available in Hemming's as far as source info. I would bet that 250 cid emblems on the fenders would sucker most people, especially if combined with a quiet exhaust. My 67 Firebird is being built in a similar fashion. I am planning to use no exterior emblems, single color paint, quiet as practical exhaust. Understated as much as possible with maximum performance using original pontiac parts, should be fun.