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    Thread: Wegner WAK033

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      Aug 2005
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      Wegner WAK033

      Hey all, I'm in the process of getting things together for an LSA swap and will be selling my Wegner WAK033 front drive. It has idle tuning time and approx 150 miles on it, in perfect shape. Have 2 different sized alternator pullies w/belts (reached out to Wegner to get a smaller pulley initially since my idle was fairly low with the cam I had). Specs are:

      Solid black
      ATI Racing Super Damper
      Standard Internal Fan 170 Amp 1 Wire
      PSC GM Type 2 Power Steering Pump
      LS Water Pump CNC Qualified for Precise Fit
      OE Sanden SD7 AC Compressor
      All necessary Wegner Automotive Precision CNC Machined Billet Brackets, Pulleys, and Stainless Hardware

      Not sure how much these go for used so any insight would be helpful. Thanks, James
      '72 Cutlass LS swap in progress
      '18 Camaro SS 1LE - DD

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      Wegner makes great parts. I purchased one of their drive kits a few years ago. Someone will be happy with this setup.