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      68 Chevelle Wiper Switch & Motor

      Heeeeeeeelp. There is really no good info on how to connect wires to the motor and switch. My wire harness is an exact duplicate from Painless. I also have an original 68 wiper switch that has three pins as shown in the photo.

      I've also included a page from my Harness wiring manual. Looking at the wiring diagram it would appear to be straight forward but I'm not good with wiring. There's 3 sets of wire that connect to the motor. There are 2 pins on the black housing and 3 pins just above the red and black wire. Which of those 3 sets of wires connect to which of the 5 pins. I think the brown connector connects to the 2 pins on the black housing but which way. Then the remaining 2 black connectors connect to the remains 3 pins but which way?

      Then there's the wiper switch that has 3 pins. There's 3 wires labelled low/park, washer pump ground and high. Which of the 3 wires connects to which of the 3 pins?

      This is last thing I have to do before my safety inspection which is tomorrow so I'm hoping someone out there is able to help.

      Thanks so much for your help.

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      Orange/brown to the black housing; it should only clip in one way (the pins are offset so the housing should hit if it's backwards). The black double connector should go into the two closer pins with the doubled terminal to the outside. On the inside, the double connector should have the blue wire closer to the center. At least, that's how I'm reading it and how things look comparing the connectors to the wipers.
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