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      Dec 2014
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      '68 Camaro Conv protouring project

      located in Charlotte, NC

      Bodywork done & in epoxy primer, By Quality Auto Painting in Charlotte, block & choose your color.....
      OE tin except for the 1/4's, cowl hood & decklid
      Have OE side glass, aftermarket windshield. have manual regulators, missing some hardware.
      Have new aftermarket w/s trim etc.
      2001 Vette wheels & tires(kinda crusty) proves fitment....
      manual top bows painted & fitted.

      Custom chassis from firewall back by FlyingHammer in Lincolnton, NC.
      2005 GTO IRS
      Stock Clip, has true coilovers all around
      Global west arms, upgraded spindles
      2001 Vette brakes in front, GTO disc in rear
      Big Front bar, stock GTO in rear
      IROC box

      355 4bolt sbc with alum heads, dual plane intake & edelbrock carb
      has GM serpentine ft drive
      motor run in on test stand.

      Car has all lines plumbed
      interior tin done & in epoxy
      underside done in satin black & herculiner

      have crusty OE inner fenders that need to be widened for tire clearance
      have nice OE '67 grill assy
      have custom glass rear wing

      needs wired, bled & fluids to run
      glass not installed

      ready for you to pick your colors & finish.
      you can't buy a aftermarket tub for what I'm asking for this almost running, rolling carName:  stance.jpg
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Size:  320.3 KBName:  irs.jpg
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Size:  273.3 KBName:  engine.jpg
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Size:  170.0 KBName:  frame5.jpg
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      I have more construction pix...
      thanks for your interest
      '68 Camaro 'vert project