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    Thread: Interior advice

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      Dec 2017

      Interior advice

      Like the tittle says Iím looking for some advice. Iím currently working on my interior and want to lay down some membrane. The car needs to be painted, probably taken down to bare metal so probably sandblasting or something along the lines. I donít plan on doing paint for awhile (years) I want to enjoy it. Would it be a bad idea to lay down some membrane down before doing that ? Iíve replaced all floor pans that have had damage, subframe connectors are already welded in. I have a restomod air unit sitting in box, trying to make the most out of it.

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      If you plan on doing a complete down to bare metal paint job in the future, I would just add old school carpet jute and skip the "membrane" for now. At the most, I would put some "membrane" on the inside of the firewall and over the trans tunnel.

      Otherwise yeah, it will be a total PITA to remove and whether you chemically strip or mechanically strip when you go to paint, it's going to be a PITA. JMHO.
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      Yeah it'll really come down to the extent that your future bodywork will go. If your floors are perfect, protected in epoxy and never need to be looked at again, you could add the membrane, but you may have to be prepared to pull it all up if your body-guy deems it necessary

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      By membrane do you mean something like Dynamat?

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      There's no reason to put membrane in parentheses.

      Regardless, it'll be a pain to get off later. I went ahead and put a box in my car but full plan to replace pretty much all the metal in floor eventually.

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