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      2018 Mustang climate seat controller

      Hey guys,
      We are building a truck and using the seats from a 2018 Mustang GT.
      I have had the seats powered up and can get all of the motion control to work.
      These seats are also heated and vented and I would like to be able to use this feature.
      Do any of you know about a controller and switch combo that could control the seats.
      Originally the seats are controlled through the Front Control Interface Module and the CANBUS systems in the Mustang.

      I contacted http://leatherseats.com this morning and asked about the abity of the controller for the kits they build to operate the Mustang seat.
      One of the salesmen replied that he knew of some customers that had used them to control F150 seats but, they would not be able to assist in any wiring or modification in their control unit and switch.

      It would be great if they could be made to work, but not a must have.

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      Hey Dan- If you cant get a controller to ...control the seat HVAC, you could always bypass the controller and run the heating elements the old school way; in series/parallel for high and low. The stock style 3 temperature momentary switch in the mustang wouldnt work though, and there woudnt be any over temp protection either. If its a retrofit, you may be able to find a nice looking on/off/on rocker switch. Im not sure what the cooling system consists of in those cars to give any insight on that.
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