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      ideas for mounting

      I am making my budget air dam and splitter and I am going to use the aluminum turnbuckles from Lowes. I'm having trouble figuring out how I want to mount the turnbuckles to the splitter and front valance panel. I'd appreciate any ideas

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      Forget what the front underneath of a Camaro looks like, but on my shop made air dam(s) I used to have on my el camino, I mounted the front to the radiator core support, which had 3 holes from factory for air dam mounting. Had angle brace behind the front v-area, no bracing in rear. My sides of air dam fit against lower fenders & had a tab flange in the wheel well area for 1 screw. I don't think you really need turnbuckles with a nice heavy airdam with sides like you built, you're not going to adjust the angle anyways, which is the real purpose of turnbuckles. Looks nice by the way.

      Here's a pic of my (temporary) air dam I had for a few years.

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      I'm not Hip on your choice of turnbuckle..... Specifically the eye ends. The hole needs to be sized.....I'm thinking 1/4in.

      Then on the spoiler itself.... A flat plate with double plates coming up....IE double sheer with a 1/4in hole thru the double plates.

      But as shown by others......You may not need the turnbuckle at all.....Unless this thing is gonna stick way the Hell out there..

      Then you'll need a Forward camera........So you don't Kill it on Parking Bumpers.