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      Route 66 Autocross

      This is coming together, and we are now commited (or should be). The date is sat. sept. 21. At the 66'ers baseball stadium in San Bernardino. Enter off of 'E' street. This will be a traditional autocross event, like a GoodGuys event, and we are trying to guess at a track layout that will be close to the Scottsdale Shootout. We are putting this on along side the San Bernardino Route 66 Rendezvous car show, which is friday and saturday. Tech will be the same as a So Cal Challenge event, 200 tread wear rule in effect. There is a great group of guys helping out. Robert Byrd (Racing Byrds) is supplying the timing equipment and P.A., Marcel and the So Cal Challenge crew wil be on hand, and Mike (fingers) from K.R.O.P.S. (Keep Racing Off Public Streets) will be running the track and pits. There are only 42 pit stalls available. I'd guess you'll get 12-15 runs in that day. There will be the standard five classes. Early Muscle Car, Late Muscle Car, Truck, Hot Rod, and Exotic. We are doing this to help out the show, and to help secure a possible event spot for the future. So, registration is a little goofy. Here's the run down. 1). You have to be part of the Route 66 show. Registration for this is $40.00. You can pay at the gate or pre register with the San Bernardino Chamber of Commerce. Call them at 909-885-7515 or Email at [email protected]. - That gets you into the car show. 2). Once in the show, go to the autocross area and find the sign in table. There is a $25.00 pit fee (cash only on saturday), this will make the total cost to racers $65.00 for the full day. If you would like to reserve a pit space, and/or pay the pit fee ahead of time, call us at the shop 909-386-7637 and we can do that for you. This show is open to all years and makes. For insurance reasons, helmets are required. We have walked the lot area, and the asphault is nice and smooth and sticky, no dusty seal cote.

      Techwill be from 7:45 to 9:00 am. the track will be hot at 8:30. We will run all day, with a lunch break from 12:00 to 12:30. Competition runs end at 3:30, timed fun runs until 5:00. Awards at 4;00. Look for future coverage in Drive Magazine, Velocity, and more. Come on out for a fun day of racing and help us put on a great show for the fans.

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