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      As we predicted, autocross events are getting more and more serious about rewarding participants. A few weeks ago we told you about Autocross Guys having actual money up for grabs and now SCCA announced that Tire Rack is on board to support the CAM Challenge events, in addition to their overall sponsorship of SCCA. Not only did Tire Rack step up with banners and stickers but they will provide tire contingencies at all five CAM events in 2018.

      Matt Edmonds, Executive Vice President of Tire Rack, said, “Tire Rack is excited to be working with the SCCA to further the muscle-car pro touring movement adding to the largest group of grassroots motorsports participants in the world.”

      Well, that gets our attention - even though we knew it all along.

      The complete article is here: https://www.scca.com/articles/200911...-cam-challenge

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