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    Big Stuff 3 Questions

    I just bought a BS3 Gen3 and am a little confused about setting it up for sequential. The manual is vague and when I called Precision Turbo I didn't get my questions answered either. What distributor do I need and how do I set it up? The only dual sync distributor I can find is an Accel 77100T. I think it will work but I am not sure about the reference angle and which connectors to wire it up with. Do I set it up at 50* BTDC? The crank sensor and cam sensor obviously must be used but what about the HEI connector and the white "points" lead? I have read and reread the manual and it is just not clear to me. I don't want to buy a crank trigger if I don't have to.

    I am installing it on a SBC 383 with a GT42R turbo. Any help would be greatly appreciated.