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      Position Available for Full-Time Salesperson at Texas Speed & Performance

      We are looking to add to our expanding sales team immediately! Texas Speed & Performance is in its 11th year of business, and we continue to grow and expand. We specialize in only LSx performance, and we do full cylinder head production and engine machining and assembly in our 25,000 square-foot facility in Lubbock, Texas. Our sales staff is different from other sales positions because we tie the selling and tech help all into one! Some of the requirements of the qualified salesperson will include the following:

      • Working knowledge of LS-based engines - Hands-on experience is highly recommended!

      • General sales experience - You MUST know how to work well with customers and sell products!

      • Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment

      • Must work well with others in a team environment

      • Requires relocation to Lubbock, Texas

      • Regular work hours of 9-6 Monday through Friday (will occasionally require additional time to complete estimates, answer e-mails, etc.). We are closed on weekends.

      Our sales environment is very fast-paced, and you must have the ability to multi-task! Our business is phone and internet-based, so our sales people are on the phone from open to close. If you do not like a fast-paced environment and/or talking on the phone, this position is NOT for you! Our most successful sales people are the ones that have been personally involved with an LS-based car. Hands-on, working knowledge of the LS platform is a huge factor in your overall success as a sales person with our company. I caution those that label this as a "dream job". Yes, you do get to work in an LSx environment, but it still requires hard work! If you have a vision that we stand around watching cars on the dyno all day and answer a call or two, this job is not for you. The position will require talking to a LOT of customers on the phone, answering e-mails, sales estimates, customer follow-ups, etc. The position is detail-oriented, and your success relies on this.

      Our sales pay structure is a base plus commission, and it is setup so that successful individuals will do very well. We do NOT cap our commissions! Yearly income will be determined by the sales ability and product knowledge of the individual. Annual income can vary from $40,000 to $60,000+, again depending on the individual. You determine your income, and your ability to sell will be directly related to which end of the spectrum you are on. We have the call volume for you to do well.

      Qualified applicants can e-mail his/her resume to [email protected]. Please include a list of references, as well as your time frame for relocation should we pursue you for the position. Texas Speed & Performance is an equal opportunity employer.


      Texas Speed & Performance
      Texas Speed & Performance
      - '61 Chevy Parkwood 9-Passenger Wagon: TSP 700 HP 6.2L LSA Engine : 6L90 6-Spd. Auto Trans : Roadster Shop Fast Track Chassis : Mini Tubbed
      - '69 Camaro Convertible: TSP 700 HP 6.2L Supercharged LSA Engine : T-56 Trans : Speedtech Performance Front Sub-frame, Rear Torque Arm Suspension, & Chicane 9" Rearend : Baer Pro + 14" 6-Piston Brakes : Dynacorn Body
      - '68 Camaro survivor: TSP 418 LS3 630 HP Engine : T-56 : Roadster Shop SPEC Chassis : Original Frost Green Paint & Black Vinyl Top

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      Have you filled this position?

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      I liked every thing about the position except

      Quote Originally Posted by Trevor @ Texas Speed View Post
      Requires relocation to Lubbock, Texas