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      Mike Maier Wins the So Cal Challenge!

      Hey everyone, listed below are the Official results from the So Cal Challenge event held yesterday April 27th. A big thank you goes out to the crew at JCG Restorations for hosting the event, plus all of the So Cal Challenge sponsors: Ride Tech, CFR Performance, Total Cost Involved TCI, No Limit Engineering and Flowmaster Performance exhaust, as well as Pro-Touring.com for coming out.

      We're looking forward to seeing you out at our next event, June 8th, at Adam's Motorsports Park in Riverside Ca.

      Official Results So Cal Challenge April 27th 2013

      Street Rod/ Hot Rod Class:
      Car 56 Don Chemello '32 ford

      Truck Class:
      Car 33 Wes Drelleshack '59 Chevy

      Late Muscle:
      3rd place car 54 Robert Byrd '10 Camaro
      2nd place car 13 Tom Kamman '11 Mustang
      1st place car 29 Casey Cronin '92 Camaro

      Exotic class:
      3rd place car 41 Eddie Vallely '93 Civic
      2nd place car 59 Ceasar Martinez '05 Nissan Z
      1st place car 63 Ken Witney '66 Cobra

      Early Muscle:
      3rd place car 20 Matt Alcala '69 Camaro
      2nd place car 12 Jake Rozelle '69 Camaro
      1st place car 51 Mike Maier

      Overall winner:
      Car 51 Mike Maier