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      Bonus podcast with Jimi Day plus OLOA support news

      Listen in as Larry Callahan talks with Jimi Day about getting ready for the 2013 running of the One Lap of America. Stay tuned over the next week for bonus interviews from the remaining Pro-Touring.com members running the One Lap this year.

      Click here to listen to Jimi Day's interview or follow any of the links at the bottom of the page to listen to it using iTunes or Stitcher

      Would you like to be a part as well? Show your support by following the link below to see how you can join Pro-Touring.com in support the Vintage American Team member and the Honor Flight Charity as the same time.

      Pro-Touring.com is proud to announce they will be sponsoring site members James Shipka & Mary Pozzi, Jimi Day & Saroja Raman and Carl Casanova & Jon Mahn as they take on the 2013 One Lap of America this May!

      To help out Pro-Touring.com's Vintage American entries - The OneLapCamaro, The Centerforce AMXess, and the Honor Flight Camaro - Pro-Touring.com will be picking up the tab for about half of the Team's fuel costs during this year's Tire Rack One Lap of America.

      Pro-Touring.com is encouraging you to join us and show your support for our very own Vintage American entries in this 30th running of the One Lap of America.

      Follow the link below and help fuel the team to the finish! 90 cents of every dollar will go to offset the team's fuel costs.

      In addition to helping our members in the race you will be supporting a great cause as well! 10 cents of every dollar, and all monies collected beyond the cost of fuel will be donated to the Honor Flight Network charity that Carl Casanova is supporting this year.

      For those of you that are not familiar with the One Lap of America it is 7 days long, they will drive nearly 3,500 miles and they will compete in almost 20 events around the country beginning May 3rd 2013. It is a test of not only the cars but the drivers and the drivers ability to do well day after day with little sleep.

      The team will do their best to post daily updates and you can follow along by clicking on one of the links below

      James Shipka & Mary Pozzi

      Jimi Day & Saroja Raman

      Carl Casanova & Jon Mahn

      In addition to making a donation you can also buy a limited edition Vintage American Team shirt or the entire set to commemorate their participation in the event. Shirts can be purchased individually or as a set, and it's easy to order the exact sizes you need. Shipping is included!

      Show your support and score some awesome looking shirts by following the link at the bottom of the page.

      This is a very limited run, so be sure to order quickly before they're gone.


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      Please support our site and podcast sponsors. Without them we couldn't do this.

      You can listen to us by searching for Pro-Touring.com on iTunes or you can listen using either of the links below.

      Click here to listen to it right now without loading any software

      Larry Callahan
      Founder/Administrator of Pro-Touring.com, G-Machines.com and HostMyJunk.com
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