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      Need a little help figuring something out

      Just finished up my first autocross weekend of 2013 and once I ironed out all of the kinks and started to get used to my new setup, I noticed one thing in particular that is slowing me down and I'm not sure why my car does this? Not sure if it is something car setup related or something I'm doing inside the car.

      I ran my GoPro behind all four tires over the weekend, the back tires on Saturday during the test n tune session and the fronts on my first two runs of Event 1 on Sunday.

      Here's the video of all of them.


      At about 1:58 in, you will notice that my right rear tire starts chattering and the rear looses traction. This happened with some regularity all weekend long, and it only does it on left hand turns...the back actually feels real good on right handers. I've got the front sorted out pretty well too, as long as I get it braked and settled before turning it, the front sticks pretty good.

      Here's my complete setup as it sits now

      DSE upper control arms, DSE 2" drop 575# springs, Edlebrock IAS shocks (5 years old), everything else stock F41 stuff except poly bushings in the sway bar with
      245/40/17 Nitto 555s

      9" with Explorer disc brakes, UMI double adjustable UCAs and LCAs with Delrin ends, Hotchkiss 1" solid sway bar attached to LCAs, DSE 2" drop 125# springs Edlebrock IAS shocks (5 years old), 275/40/17 Nitto 555s

      Here is the corner weights with me in the car

      Here is my current alignment specs

      It seems so far like the tires like about 34 psi in the fronts and 30 psi in the rears. Drive train is a carb fed 383 and new this year is a T56.

      Here is some in car videos from both days also, I'd appreciate any input you guys have at all. I'm fairly new at this and while not trying to compete directly with all of the Evos and Mazdas out there, I would like to help me and the car run as well as we can without breaking the bank so to speak.


      Here's a few action shots of the car from the weekend also.

      1985 Monte Carlo SS Street Car