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    Country Flag: United States / Forum Rules. Please read.

    Welcome to / Thank you for visiting our special corner of the Internet. The / forum is a free website funded by paid advertisers, provided as a source of entertainment and information for a specific genre of Hot Rodding:

    Pro-Touring cars (also known as g-Machines) are classic muscle cars, with upgraded and updated suspension, brakes, drive trains and aesthetics, built to function as well, or better than some of today’s best performance cars. For more information on what constitutes a pro-touring car, or for information on g-Machines, Street Fighters and others, please visit: [Pro-Touring Defined]. (Coming Soon).

    With that being said, we at do not impose any limitations on vehicle make, model or year, but for the most part, members are building muscle cars. We've got a few sports cars and trucks, too; you don't even need to own a car to participate on the forum. / has a great reputation for maintaining a positive and helpful atmosphere. In an effort to help maintain that atmosphere, we have instituted several rules of conduct.


    1). Post in the correct forums: unless it's absolutely urgent, please keep all posts within the appropriate forum. DO NOT post technical questions in the Open Discussion forum. The Open Discussion Forum is intended for the discussion of NON-TECHNICAL topics only. Please place all technical threads in their appropriate forum. For a better understanding of which forum your question belongs in, please see the forum descriptions located below each forum title. Please note: Any threads placed in an improper forum, WILL be moved to the forum deemed most appropriate by an Administrator or Moderator.

    2). Identical Threads are Forbidden: Identical threads posted to multiple forums (by the same user) will be allowed to remain as such only if prior permission from an Administrator or Moderator was obtained. If prior permission was not obtained, the threads will be merged and moved to the forum deemed most appropriate.

    3). Positive Attitudes: "Trash-talking" a.k.a. "flaming" is greatly frowned upon at Our members come here to enjoy themselves and gather helpful information for their projects. In accordance, we ask that you please maintain a positive attitude whilst posting in the forums. You are entitled to your opinion and individuality, but at the same time: if you post in an inflammatory manner, your post well be deleted or edited for content deemed unnecessary by an Administrator or Moderator, and the thread possibly closed. If you continue to post in such a manner, administrative action will be taken, and you will be banned.

    4). Profanity / Nudity: Do not under any circumstances, post nudity or use profanity in the forums. Many of our members read the forum from work, and with children around, so please abstain from posting questionable content, or linking images or videos from sites with questionable content. Posts containing such content will be edited by an Administrator or Moderator, and possibly deleted. Repeated offenses will result in administrative action.

    5). Viruses / Detrimental Content / Spam: WILL NOT tolerate the posting of such content. If you post a virus, or any type of malicious code on our forum, YOU WILL BE BANNED. We take great pride in our forum and its safety, any member jeopardizing it will be banned. Spam will not be tolerated, upon first offense, the thread will be deleted and a warning issued, upon second offense, you will be banned.

    6). Spelling / Grammar: As a courtesy to our members, we ask that you please use the "Spell Check" feature before submitting your post.

    7). Off Topic Posts: Any off topic posts should be placed in "The Outhouse" as long as they abide by the aforementioned rules. Any off topic posts in the Open Discussion Forum, or one of the technical forums will immediately be moved to The Outhouse, or deleted accordingly.

    8). Unnecessary Bashing: In accordance with our positive attitude policy, we do not promote unnecessary bashing of our members or supporting vendors. We ask that you handle such matters privately via email or PMs. Any threads or posts containing such content will be edited or deleted by an Administrator or Moderator, per their judgment.

    9). Vendor Participation and Sponsorship: is a free website, funded by paid advertisers. By becoming a sponsor, companies are granted the exclusive privilege of promoting and selling their products on / Part of that privilege includes the exclusive right to conduct group purchases, and offer specials on their products or services. In order to sell or promote products, parts or services as a business, you must be a paid advertiser. A complete list of our sponsors can be found to the right of the forum. Please support the companies that support our hobby.

    10). Classifieds: In the best interest of our members, in order for a member to sell parts or vehicles in the "For Sale" forum, one must be a registered member of / This is NOT craigslist or Ebay we require an asking price and current location. An ebay or craigslist link is NOT an asking price and the thread will be deleted without warning. You can restart the thread with and asking price and location if you wish. We don't want strangers or commercial vendors selling on our board. Period. Under special circumstances, this rule may be waived pending individual references or other unforeseen circumstances. Please contact an Administrator for more information. As well, we ask that all members selling an item include within their posts: their location and the asking price of said item.

    11). Political/Religious posts: There are many forums out there that welcome political and religious topics. This is not one of them. Please refrain from posting such content as it is unwelcome by many members, and creates a difficult job for the moderators.

    12). Signature Pictures / Text: As a courtesy to our members, we ask that you keep your signature pictures and text relatively small. The maximum size for a signature picture is 250x75 pixels. Any pictures larger than that will be removed, and you will be asked to resize the picture. In addition, we ask that you keep the size of the text in your signature to a maximum text size of 3, and no more than 300 characters. Note: These are simply guidelines. Under certain circumstances, an administrator or moderator may ask that you shorten your sig text, resize the text or resize your sig picture, based solely on their judgment.

    12-A). Non-Sponsor Signature Links: Non-Sponsor links in user signatures are prohibited: with the exception of links to personal websites (of a non-commercial content), or vehicle showcase websites (picture-sites or build sites) all offending links will be removed by a forum moderator.

    13). Chat Room User Names: Due to an influx of non-registered users logging into the chat room with spoofed IP addresses (and unidentifiable user names) with the intent to cause malice, we now ask that all forum members log in to the forum before joining the chat room. This will enable the moderators to identify individuals via user names and IP addresses and will help to rectify some of the situations that have arisen recently. Though not required, we also ask that you log into the chat with your forum user name so as to avoid any confusion. If you fail to abide by these rules you are likely to be temporarily banned from the chat room per a moderator’s discretion. (Consideration will not be taken for those using false user names; administrative action will be increasingly stringent). We thank you for your cooperation.

    The aforementioned rules pertain to all forums contained on / unless otherwise noted. In addition to the general forum rules, guidelines and rules may be located atop the individual forums. We ask that you please follow those rules, as well as these.

    Opinions expressed on this forum are the opinion of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of reserves the right to modify these rules at anytime without prior notice.

    We thank you for your understanding, /
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