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      Feb 2013
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      1970 Chevelle Pro Touring Build

      The Chevelle has slowly transformed from a basic restoration into an all out pro touring build so I figured I would share my progress here. If you want to see my original build thread on Team Chevelle to get a more in depth look you can click this link:


      I bought the Chevelle in January of 2010 when I was 15 and I originally planned on patching up the rusty areas and throwing in a rebuild 350/TH350. As I started tearing into the car, I quickly realized that I had stumbled into a tougher project than I originally thought. I ended up replacing both quarter panels, the doors, fenders, trunk lid, rocker panel, rebuilding the trunk floor, patching the driver's floor pan. I also discovered the frame had been split, twisted, and rusted through in multiple areas. However, I wasn't about be discouraged so I dove right in. I rebuilt a 1970's era 350, found a set of original disk brakes, and picked up a set of Eibach lowering springs. Those were going to be the extent of my upgrades but after doing a lot of research and looking at other builds, I decided I wanted to follow more of a pro touring theme. I picked up a 2001 LQ4, a T56, and 4th gen Camaro disk brakes. I practically threw the car together over the next two years so that I would be able to drive it before I graduated high school. I ended up driving the car to the last day of my Senior year so I guess that counts . I'll discuss my future plans for the Chevelle after I post some progress pictures.

      As a young kid with no experience, I barely inspected the car before I dropped my hard earned $1800 on it. Lesson learned!

      The floor had been previously "repaired" with tin and rivets.

      There was well over an inch of bondo on areas of both quarter panels.

      As you can see, the frame was toast.

      Goodbye, locked up 305

      Started assembling my newly machined 350
      1970 Chevelle: 6.0 L96, T56, Strange 9 Inch, Ridetech Coilovers, Wilwood brakes

      1978 Firebird: 6.0 LQ4, T56

      2007 Sierra 2500HD LBZ