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      Jun 2011
      St. George, Utah
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      Looking at options...

      Hey everyone, it's Ben with the Pumkinator Cutlass wagon, build thread in my signature. I'm currently working in a hot rod shop in Georgia. Working here has been fun but not quite what I was originally looking for. I want to keep my options open for working elsewhere so I'm spreading the word locally and out of state.

      Ideally I would like to work in a shop that caters to all hot rod markets but is highly into pro-touring based transformations. I would like to be in a shop that is innovative, thinks out of the box, and builds cutting edge street machines. I want to be in a position where my design ideas can take form in fabrication on shop projects. My personal cars are built to be beat up on a track, and I would like to work in an environment where the shop builds cars that can do the same. I maintain high standards in my personal life and would like to work in an environment where the shop has high standards in dealing with clients, employees, and within the community. I'm highly detail orientated, genuine and fun to be around, work easily with others, and I don't have a big ego. I enjoy working in an environment where employees see each other as family and work well as a team to produce the best overall final product.

      My strongest skills and favorite areas to work lie in design and fabrication, though I can work in pretty much any area of a hot rod shop, from tearing down the cars as they first come in to meticulous detailed final assembly. Although I learned in a college setting and can do it, my area of least shop experience is in finish body and paint, but I'd like to develop those abilities in time. I have experience with most tools and machinery typically found in a custom auto shop setting. I have no problems communicating directly with clients and fellow employees and can effectively discuss the scope of the project verbally and visually. I do design consulting and project renderings. Shops having in-house design capability is an invaluable asset. Here's one of my recent examples of a project rendering...

      In a nutshell here's what's on my resume-

      Bachelor's in Industrial Design/ Transportation Design emphasis, Brigham Young University
      Associate's in Collision Repair/ Street Rod emphasis, Utah Valley University

      Work Experience, Automotive:
      Store General Manager- Tunex
      Shift Manager- Firestone
      Fabricator / Technician- BullDawg Muscle cars, Excel Muscle Car Restoration, Firestone and Les Schwab
      Sales- Super Shops, Firestone, and Pep Boys
      Interior technician- 6 month internship, Kirkham's Upholstery

      Work Experience, Design:
      Hot Rod design and renderings- Street Rod Designs (My own Company, link below)
      Design Department Manager- Let's Logo
      Graphic and Marketing Designer- Let's Logo

      I come from a long background of building street machines and drag racing and have joined the Pro-touring scene in the last few years. My personal cars perform well in both venues.

      I am open to relocating. If you work in a shop and/ or know of an open position in one in your area, any info you can send me would be appreciated. I have lived on both the east and west coasts and in the Rocky Mountains. We'd be willing to locate most anywhere, and I have several family members in the mid west and would be very open to settling down there somewhere. Thanks for passing on the word guys!
      -Ben, Your friendly neighborhood Rendering dude

      SRD on Facebook

      79 Cutlass wagon build