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      1968 Volvo project Pure Volvocity

      The engine compartment is starting to come together now. The car had so me pretty substantial front end damage when I purchased it. The passenger front fender had been hit pretty hard and was pushed over about 1/2Ē. That was straightened out but unfortunately when the new suspension went back on the metal went back to the pre-repaired position.

      It is now back where it should be. The radiator support which also functions as the good hinge mount is boxed in. We still have some holes to clean up but it is coming along.

      The inner fenders are almost done. I asked the shop to uses some 1/4Ē round to put around the newly fabricated metal around the upper control arm opening.

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      The modification to the firewall are done. I fabricated a panel for the II Much bulkhead connector to mount. The next step it to start filling in holes in the floor from all the suspension modifications.
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