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      Nov 2008
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      Winners the 2012 OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational

      Mark Stielow topped a very competitive field Saturday, to win his second optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational title in four attempts. Stielow scored a total of 83 points, beating second-place finisher, Brian Hobaugh by just a single point.

      Both Stielow and Hobaugh picked up ten points each in the Detroit Speed & Engineering/JRI Shocks Road Rally. Stielow saw a 16-12 advantage in the Lingenfelter Performance Design Challenge and a 25-22 edge in the ridetech Autocross. Hobaugh topped Stielow 25-22 in the BF Goodrich Hot Lap Challenge and 13-10 in the Wilwood Speed Stop Challenge.

      here's the top 25 OUSCI Results

      1. Mark Stielow
      2. Brian Hobaugh
      3. Todd Earsley
      3. Bret Voelkel
      5. Travis Hill
      6. Steven Rupp
      7. Danny Popp
      7. Kyle Tucker
      7. Karl Dunn
      10. Brian Finch
      10. Jim Holloway
      12. Phil Gerber
      12. Ryan Mathews
      14. Bob Bertelsen
      15. Rob McGregor
      16. Chris Smith
      17. Joey Seely
      18. Dale Akuszewski
      18. Jeff Cleary
      20. David Brandt
      20. Todd Foust
      22. Todd Rumpke
      23. Curt Hill
      24. Brad Coomer
      25. Stacy Tucker

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      I was pretty surprised at where I ended up on that list..
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