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      TMCP Podcast - Chevelle Build Update: LS Mounts, Roll Cage, and Kids Car Seats

      Hi Everyone!

      The latest TMCP podcast show is out, and the guest was Jeff Allison, owner of Allison Customs, flyer of commercial jets (really), and builder of my Chevelle.


      In this episode Jeff gave the latest update on the build and went into detail on everything that went into mounting the L92 as far low and back as possible. Long story short, he put in a tubular section into the crossmember, smoothed the firewall, created completely custom mounts that allow the motor to sit about 3" back (and maybe 2" down), and chose a Canton oil pan that gave the steering gear and frame clearance necessary.

      He also went into details on the completion of the roll cage (he tucked another bar behind the dash to tie the A-pillar down bars together) and found a trick way to put in shoulder belts and car-seat-anchors for the rear seat.

      Hope you enjoy!
      -Rob K
      -Rob Kibbe
      -Host, TheMuscleCarPlace.com Podcast
      -Co Host, The Pro-Touring.com Podast

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