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      Illustrator Job in San Jose, CA

      Are there any guys or gals in the San Jose area looking for employment that have good illustration skills and car knowledge?

      The candidate will need to be efficient at producing line drawings and artwork using Adobe Illustrator (Adobe CS5 or CS6 and CAD is also a plus) for automotive and other motorized vehicle service manuals. This job is a full time (40 hours per week) position that will be located in our office with potential for periodic travel to a customer site 20 approximately minutes away. This job doesn't have telecommuting potential...onsite work only. The only exception to this is the slim chance to travel to customer sites in other states. Travelling to Europe on a rare occasion is also a possibility.

      There's a slight potential to turn some wrenches on new vehicles, so being mechanically inclined and understanding how vehicles work is a must.

      If you're a person with a passion for cars and want to go home every day after 8 hours with clean hands, clean clothes, after working in a laid back working environment, for a decent wage...let me know by PMing me or posting your inquiry here.

      Tony Huntimer

      @Camaro.Family Camaros
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