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    63 Biscayne with Schwartz Performance Chassis

    I've posted a few times on here but, have finally done some work on my car although what I've just done will be undone. I'll explain below.

    What I have is a pretty stock 1963 Biscayne. It has has a decenter interior, a 454 with a TH-350 transmission and it runs OK, once you get over the exhaust and oil leaks. When I first looked at the car, I could see that the floor pans were replaced but, instead of cutting out the old ones, they put some others on top of the old ones therefore; I'll have to change them again.

    I purchased it in Arizona and drove it back to Kansas and the one question I didn't ask is where the car was titled in originally because it is an Illinois car so, I think once I blast it I'll find more rust than just the floor and trunk pans but, live and learn.

    When I first purchased it, it had some really lame exhaust cut-outs on it and those were the first to go. Followed by installing some new trunk hinges that ended up being harder than they should have.

    The plans for it are a Schwartz Performance frame, LS series engine, new wiring, new interior, different bucket seats, paint, Dakota Digital VHX gauges, air conditioning, power windows, new wiring, etc. Still trying to decide on color combinations but, I'm thinking a dark silver on top with a dark metallic blue, black or something else on the bottom. At the rate I'm going I have plenty of time to decide.

    Because I'm dropping this off next month to Schwartz for the frame install, I figured it would be a good idea to at least get the peeling paint on the roof covered so that I didn't have to deal with more rust than I already do. The paint was already peeling so, I figured it would be easy to strip...Wrong answer. The only part that came off easily with the razor blade was the top four layers, not the other five that were below it.

    Now, on to the pictures.

    I'm always open to ideas on paint, wheels and interior schemes.Name:  Engine before.jpg
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    63 Biscayne
    Schwartz Performance Chassis

    My build thread: