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      GMR - NEW - Wilwood SL Kits INTRODUCTORY SALE!

      New GMR Wilwood SL Universal Rear brake package…

      Have you ever wondered how to professionally mount your Wilwood Calipers to your rear end? Were you concerned about getting a bracket designed and cut for your application? If you don’t have access to a CNC or CAD program then we have the solution for you!Tested and proven on Project BluBlz this complete setup will make it very easy to upgrade your brake system on any rear end.

      Each package comes with CNC cut GMR “weld-on” brackets for either 3 or 3.25 inch housings.

      The GMR Universal Radial Mount Setup is designed to work with Rotor sizes From 12.88 to 14 inches in diameter.

      These packages come with everything you need to mount your calipers. Each package is sold with the following:

      Two Wilwood SL Calipers

      Two Wilwood Billet Machined Radial Mounts

      4 Prake Pads (part number 150-8855K)

      Two GMR CNC “weld-on” mounts

      GRD 8 Hardware with steel locking nuts.

      If you would like to add either GT or SRP rotors to complete your package you may do so upon placing your order with GMR. Please contact us at [email protected]..


      Here at the GMR we have an abundance of these great calipers so we have a select amount of our Wilwood inventory that we are willing to sell in these packages for a great price. I would like you to shop around and see if you can find better pricing for the following packages below!

      GMR-SLKT-8071 $918.64 (4 piston)
      Caliper # 120-8071 (Limit of 5 GMR-SLKT-8071 packages available).

      GMR-SLKT-8000 $890.66 (6 piston)
      Caliper # 120-8000 (Limit of 5 GMR-SLKT-8000 packages available).

      GMR-SLKT-8079-RSR $1029.66 (6 piston)
      Caliper # 120-8079-RSR (Limit of 1 GMR-SLKT-8079-RSR packages available)

      GMR-SLKT-8062-LRD $1194.66
      (4 piston)
      Caliper # 120-8062-LRD (Limit of 1 GMR-SLKT-8062-LRD packages available).

      Please contact GMR for all Investment inquiries.
      1-866-570-5962 or [email protected]