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      Jan 2006
      McKinney, TX
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      Project: Ballin' on a budget

      I've never made a "project" thread really and stuck with it so here it goes. The plan is to start in the back and work forward upgrading and restoring at the same time.

      My friends, family and neighbors all think I'm crazy for cutting up such a "nice" car. Well, it looks good from the top but underneath everything hides a horribly repaired monster.

      My dad and I put new sheet metal and paint on it about 12 years ago and I threw some nice wheels on it and got it setting there, but I've never been 100% satisfied.

      First up: Mini tubs, 315's 8.8 Explorer swap and trunk restoration.


      Started scraping off coatings and uncovering hell. I had a roll bar in the car at one time.

      275's in the stock wheel wells..... not big enough!

      Out with the old
      66 Mustang "Project: Ballin on a budget"
      89 Mustang "Box Wine"