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      Looking to add or get feedback on a vendor?

      Hello Members,

      About a year ago we had a string of threads in which some members of the community felt that the forum was an appropriate medium for voicing their experience with vendors, some of whom were sponsors of this forum. These threads quickly deteriorated, when other members, who were not at all involved in the transaction, voiced their opinions regarding the situation. The inevitable end result was the closing of the threads, which led to some members getting the perception that this forum was protecting its sponsors, which was completely false.

      I, and the moderator team, took the matter under advisement. We discussed various options, consulted with moderators of other forums, an attorney, and ultimately decided that a Feedback forum would be established. The logical place for this forum to exist was in the Marketplace, and so it was, but it seems that location was not very visible. To address this, we've moved the Feedback forum up a level and it is now located in The Classifieds category, just under the Marketplace. You'll be able to see it from the main page of the forum. It can be found here:

      Feedback Forum

      This forum gives members of our community the opportunity to voice their experiences, either positive or negative, with respect to site sponsors, any other company, or individual sellers. However, this forum carries its own rules, so please read them before posting. They can be found here:

      Feedback Forum Rules

      If there are any questions, please feel free to ask them in this thread. This sticky will stay up for a period of time so that everyone has a chance to familiarize themselves with the Feedback Forum, its location, and its rules.

      Thank you,
      Larry Callahan
      Founder/Administrator of Pro-Touring.com, G-Machines.com and HostMyJunk.com
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