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    Default Hydroboost install without power steering....

    I thought I would post a couple of pic's of my Hydratech Hydroboost install without power steering. I am really happy with the way my car steers with a manual rack but wanted power brakes. Not enough vacuum to run a booster.

    I installed my Hydroboost a little higher that it normally would be installed for V/C clearance
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    Jim at Hydratech told me about using a PSC remote resevoir made for Hydroboost. It made the installation much easier. I also used one of KRC's new pro-series pumps and dropped it down to 1.7GPM. I like the way I can easily swap flow valves if needed. I am waiting on KRC to manufacture some lower pressure reliefs for the new pumps once they get caught up. Right now the pump vents at 1600, I want to drop it down to 1200 psi.
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    I tried to make the suction line as short as possible. Now I just need to wait for some warm weather.
    MUCH THANKS to the gang at Hydratech for all the help and support. VERY happy with the quality of the product and service.

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