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      Apr 2005
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      Thanks Mark , Albert , Jessi , Bill , Danny .

      I just want to say thanks to Mark and Jessi Bowler and all of Marks family for hosting this event .
      You guys really make everyone feel at home .
      I love visiting the midwest . It's like being in a Jimmy Stewart movie. ( all the home towns , people, fields with crops ) I really like hometown Indiana and Illinois ..

      Also thanks to Albert Melchior and Carbon Kustoms for feeding us so well and for making it a great social event.

      And thanks to Bill Neal , Danny Popp , and all the 10/10ths instructors and helpers for making the Putnam Park experience so pleasant.

      There is nothing like driving your car at speed around a roadcourse !!

      Thanks for a stellar event guys !!!
      Jeff Tate
      "The best thing about participating in these events is that you get to hang out with a group of intelligent like minded people who live to achieve things in their lives. You won't find a lazy, mean, or dumb bone in their bodies." Bret Voelkel, RideTech

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      Jul 2004
      Braselton, Ga.
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      Oh man, you got to go!! you lucky dog!

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      Apr 2001
      Rockford Illinois
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      I'll 2nd that!!!!
      May The Horsepower Be With You !!!

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      Sep 2007
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      I just want to say thanks to Mark Bowler and his family, Bill Neal and the 10/10ths orginization, Albert Melchoir - Carbon Kustoms,
      Stacy Tucker - DSE, Brandy Morrow - Speed by Spectre, Forgeline, Royal Purple, BFGoodrich Tires, and all the other sponsers that kept this fantastic event alive. I know Mark and his family busted it all weekend long to see that everyone was taken care of to the point of providing free Gatoraid and water the 1st day, and food the 2nd. Unbelievable! And, Albert cooked a mountain of delicious steaks and pork chops with salad after Putnam! Not to mention that I won a set of BFG tires, a tough looking sweatshirt from Speed By Spectre, and I was awarded a really cool sponsers favorite car plaque from Denise Bowler which now is hanging in my 15 yr old son's room - thanks Denise! All that plus 2 days of non-stop action on the tracks, WOW! I didn't think it would be possible to top last years MMCC, but this years event has definitely set a new standard for fun behind the wheel. Thank you all again. I can't wait until next year's MMCC3!

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      Jun 2010
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      Thanks... And much of it.

      Karl said it well. Ditto dosent seem to cut it. When MMC3 hits I plan on being there with the friends I made (in MMC 1 and 2) and a few more I plan on bringing!
      Note: Thanks to Jeff for kicking this thread off.