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    Work and college

    Hey all-

    Just wanted to do a shout out for anyone looking for graphic design or project renderings. I have a degree in transportation design, a long background working in the automotive industry and for the last 6 years as a graphic designer. Currently I am back in school full-time in a Street Rod program and plan on working as a fabricator in a shop. To support my family I do project renderings and freelance design from home. Please let me know if you need any help, I'd love to give you a bid. Thanks!

    Link to a few automotive rendering samples-!

    Link to some logo design samples-

    I graduate from my program and will be seeking work in a shop in April 2012. Please check out my build thread for my school project and updates on what I'm learning in class-
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    PM Sent

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    I'm interested, what's the usual price range.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nemiissis View Post
    I am now in college and working in parallel. In general, there are no problems with this. By the way, friends, who can help with thesis design?
    What discipline are you in?

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