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      Jun 2009
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      PFadt Race Blog *WITH CRASH VIDEO*

      The video details of the crash I described in my other post.


      Dan W
      1968 Plymouth Road Runner
      1962 Dodge Dart 440

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      wow...he was lucky that he only bent the front suspension.....that looked like it could have been a roll-over.
      1970 RS/SS350 139K on the clock:
      89 TPI motor w/ 1pc rear seal coupled to a Viper T56 via Mcleod's modular bellhousing w/ hydraulic T/O bearing from the Viper, 12 bolt rear w/ 3.73 gearing, SC&C upper control arms, factory lowers with Delalums, C5 brakes at all four corners, Front Wheels 17x8's with Sumi 255/40/17 and Rear Wheels 17x9's with Sumi 275/40/17.
      Brief description of the work done so far can be found here: http://www.nastyz28.com/forum/showthread.php?t=112454

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      Great video ,
      But I wish they had left the music off the video ...
      Jeff Tate
      "The best thing about participating in these events is that you get to hang out with a group of intelligent like minded people who live to achieve things in their lives. You won't find a lazy, mean, or dumb bone in their bodies." Bret Voelkel, RideTech

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      That had to be intense from the driver's seat. It's always the worst when you watch it coming and can't do anything about it. Glad he was ok and the car wasn't too bad.

      Looking forward to whatever you guys come up with for next year.

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