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      Project 'Chicken Nugget" - 65 Ford Falcon Hardtop

      1965 Falcon Futura Hardtop (originally a 6 cylinder car but had a v8 conversion at some point) ProTouring Machine

      Project goal is to build a fun driver with good power and decent handling, not a show car or a race car but something that can hold its own at an autocross or sitting pretty at a show. I will attempt to hold Function over form but I am sure some compromises will be made. Overall goal is to get this thing complete in 2 years and for less than $30k.

      I am still in the overall planning stages of the build but here are my current thoughts. In order to not waste money on projects I like to plan, plan, plan and then once I have 99% of the details worked out I start the build.

      Will keep the stock unibody but will beef up the stock rockers, add subframe connectors and torque boxes and link the two together to add some rigidity. Also will add a 6 point cage designed around streetability and maintaining use of the back seat (if this is possible)


      TCI Mustang/Cougar IFS modified to work with Falcon framerails and to set the static ride height low (shooting for 6")
      Thinking Wilwood or Bear Track-4 front brakes but budget will come into play.
      TCI rear Falcon specific triangulated 4-link bolted up to a narrowed explorer 8.8 with 3.73 gears, trac-lok and upgraded stock 11" disks. (I would like to also upgrade the rear brakes but this is not critical since the rear came with decent disks) Rear framerails will be replaced and moved inward to allow for more rubber out back.

      I am looking for something classic that will not date the build in 5 years, not a fan of the TTIIs, right now wheel design is up in the air, I would love to Run the NewGen Lites but they are probably out of the budget. Right now for sizing I am thinking 17x8 or 18x8 up front and 18x10-12 out back.

      Not set in stone, I would love to run a modular DOHC or the new 5.0 but again budget will come into play, right now I am leaning toward a mild 400+hp 351 and TKO or built T-5. UPDATE - Using a 3v 4.6 ford v8 and TR3560 Trans combo.

      Simple, comfortable with some race inspiration.

      Body is in great shape, really the reason I bought the car, it has already been taken down to bare metal and as currently sits is primered and only a skim coat and good sanding away from paint. The floor pans however are crap and will be replaced as part of the beefing up of the rockers and framerails.
      Thinking of all sorts of color combinations but have it narrowed to three, White and flat black with black or gold wheels, Grey and Black with black wheels or Brown and black with gold wheels. I will work out some photoshopping and possibly even commission a rendering before making my final decision. I want something different but that, like the wheels, will not look horribly dated in a few years.

      I plan to do all of the work myself (with the help of a few friends) including engine and paint.

      And for those who will ask, the name "Chicken Nugget" was christened by my son, at 3 it is his current favorite food. My wife and I were discussing giving it a name and in the discussion chicken (Falcon = Bird) came up, my son over heard and, as always on his mind, blurted out chicken nugget, and so it is. Although young he is really into tools, power equipment and cars so I am sure he will be "lending a hand" quite often as the project progresses.

      Pictures to follow.

      1965 Falcon Hardtop

      However long you think your project will take, double it and you might be halfway right.

      Build Thread: https://www.pro-touring.com/showthre...847#post798847