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      Sep 2010

      A liitle history on our chosen artist

      We on our way out to E.T Wickham’s homestead and thought we’ d share a little info on our selection of Artist…. Mr Wickham was known to have been commissioned for approximately 40 statues Andy his works are publicly displayed at a prominent Tennessee University….. He is considered one of America’s top Folk Artists and unfortunately his collection on the homestead has fallen into a serious state of decay from vandalism and weather….. The photos should be coming up in approximately one hour (connections allowing)

      Holley Performance Challenge Team 2

      Driver: Brian Finch
      Vehicle:67 Mustang
      Departing: Nashville, TN
      Desitnation: Bowling Green, KY
      Team Mobile Email: [email protected]

      Holley Performance is Today’s Challenge Sponsor
      Driver’s are competing for a Ultra Street Avenger Carburetor for great performance in a slick looking package.
      To see the challenge announcement: CLICK HERE