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      5.7 Hemi and NAG1 Transmission HELP

      Hey everyone, the name is Erik and I am currently working on my 1970 Barracuda and have been contemplating the 5.7 or 6.1 Hemi swap for some time now but still am uncertain about a couple things. I've been following along on builds (dodgeboys, RonS, tellyv) and am really impressed with all of their results. Recently I found a complete salvage 2006 Dodge Charger R/T with 25,000 miles with a 5.7 and the NAG1 5 speed automatic for a reasonable price ($1750). First off, why is no one using this transmission? Tellyv mentioned that it was too smart and that abs would be needed, https://www.pro-touring.com/forum/sh...t=39960&page=2 and post #30. This seems to support that at http://newhemiswap.com/e-body_hemi_e...um_floored.htm as they list this transmission as an option but it is necessary to send them the ECU, TCM, Front Control Module, ABS Module, and ABS Plug from the donor vehicle. This wouldn't be a problem for me as I have the whole vehicle, but my only concern is that I want to eventually add twin turbos to my setup and want to be able to tune it. It seems to be a good price all in all ($3705 + $1750 - Parting Out/Scrapping Charger = approximately $5000). Just want to see what everyone thinks and maybe give me some input or advice on if I should proceed this route.


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      try Steevo at twistmachine...-->> see vendor list...they are excellent transmissions but I would not put one in front of TT power.

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