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      Oct 2008

      MMC to welcome all American made vehicles!!

      After the recent success of the Run to the Coast and Faceoff at Road America events, the rules committee has decided to reconsider the pre 1978 rule and allow all American made performance cars regardless of year!!

      This event promises to be the experience of a lifetime with almost unlimited track time on Saturday and unlimited autocrossing and speed stop on Sunday. If you get tired, just park your junk over in the huge show-n-shine area and catch your breath. I guarantee your a$$ will be draggin' when we're through!

      And don't forget, the MMC will be televised on Fox Sports Net as part of the Mother's Car Show series. Don't miss the opportunity for your 15 seconds of fame! And if you don't think we're serious about this, check this out - we even have an airplane on standby to capture all the action from the air.

      If you're on the fence about whether or not to come to this event, check out the Run to the Coast or Faceoff threads on this board. At the end of the weekend, you'll leave with a smile on your face, great stories to tell, a handful of brand new friends, great MMC swag and memories for a lifetime.

      Visit http://www.midwestmusclecarchallenge.com for complete event, registration and hotel details.
      Jimi Day
      FM3 Performance Marketing, Inc.

      "The timid hang back. But those with courage will march on." - Walter P. Chrysler

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      Oct 2004
      We saw and talked to quite a few people at the Face Off event that had, or wanted to bring cars newer than 1978. I think opening it up will bring even more people and interest for the event AND for the Mother's Car Show episode that is being filmed there.

      For the guys who weren't able to be at the Face off event...bring it on down to the Musclecar Challenge. Putnam Park may not be as historic and famous as Road America, but the track is safe and fun and the facility is beautiful.
      For the guys who were at Face Off...here is another chance to show your stuff!
      Bret Voelkel
      Director of Innovation Fox Powered Vehicles Group
      Founder/ Former Owner
      RideTech/Air Ride Technologies, Inc.

      How do you spell Impossible?

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      Oct 2005
      You know the RatPack will be there in full force Bret,,,, and I'll have a little 72 white RS that needs to stretch it's legs with the new aluminum motor all things equal....
      Carbon Kustoms Limited
      A.K.A. Albert from Toronto

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      Nov 2004
      Country Flag: United States
      Thank you Bret!

      Greg Tholen
      GT Motorsports
      Dealer for Wilwood,Baer,Viking,Moser,BMR,Earl's

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      Aug 2003
      Orlando, FL
      Looks like we will bring one of each, one old, one new!

      Thanks for opening it up.