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      Apr 2008
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      The "next attempt" tires arrived and Tire Rack gave a full credit and even paid for shipping to send back the others. So cool that they do that! As long as they are never mounted and don't have any scratches or issues they will ship them back and provide a full credit.

      So this time as mentioned we are trying to find a way to get a 325/30/19 on the rear using the Mich Pilot 4S tire. This will be with wheel well and lip mods only (not touching the frame). BS will have to be perfect. Need to confirm exactly what that BS will be so I can finally order the new wheels.

      On the front it's still a 305/30/19 but also trying the Mich Pilot 4S tire since it's .3" skinnier than the Hankook. I think we are going to still try for a 6" BS with the Hellwig bar. If it still hits on turn in I'll order a splined front bar - probably the one from ABC.

      If these both work they will end up being mounted on 19x11.5 rear and 19x11 front wheels.

      Updates and details to come.

      Joe Lincoln
      Lime Green 71 Olds 442 Convertible

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