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Thread: 73 Nova SS

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    73 Nova SS

    How about that. As it turns out the way I like old muscle cars built are the way everyone here likes them built and it has a name "Pro-Touring"

    I have a 73 Nova SS that I have been trying for about the last ten years to get to out handle my Supra. I have decided in the last couple of months that it can't happen with the old suspension so it is now in the garage coming apart to the last nut and bolt for a complete re-do from the ground up.

    The initial motor is finished and being mated to a Tremec 6spd. I am right now looking around at suspension systems but I think I have settled on a Detroit Speed & Engineering front suspension coilover conversion. Still have not decided on the steering yet but it will be a rack.

    The rear suspension will be a Martz chassis setup, the new one with sway bar and everything (road race). I have not decided on the wheel and tire combo yet as it will either be 17 or 18 inch. I will be buying Detroit Speed & Engineering's wider wheel tubs. So I have no idea as the widths I will be able to run. I have not been able to find any info on the net of anyone else who as done this year in this manner yet.

    Anyone have anying good or bad to say about the suspension please let me know.


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    Thats first car was a 73 Nova when I was 15. It was Baby barf green and was a 'custom' 350 which was the trim pakage below SS. Should be a cool setup.

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