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    Default This is a product similar to some stuff I sold to county shop. It has a lining on the inside. Steel pipe will start to rust on the inside eventually and then you will end up with rust in your tools. Pvc is cheap and easy and has probably been used 1,000 times. I believe the oil from the compressor may eventually break down pvc. Many people do not realize that there is a proper way to install airlines. If you plan to paint cars I would recommend some good moisture filters. I would also put drains on all your lines that drop down from the main airline. I hate to see people spend thousands on a shop and then cheap out on the important things. Just thought I would through in my 2 cents,,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mkelcy View Post
    A Google search on "compressed air PVC" returns 1,360,000 results. I didn't read all of them, but here's a very brief sample:

    When PVC goes, it creates shrapnel which, if not imbedded in skin, can do nasty things to paint.

    I use copper pipe; others use iron pipe; still other use products expressly intended to last under the pressure of compressed air and the occasional impact that destroys PVC systems.
    Personally I completely agree and would never have suggested it either, I just thought that the post was. Lacking in information for someone who may have considered it a good idea. That said I really hope that he was suggesting using the cheap PVC as a grommet so to say for the steel pipe to run thru lol
    Thanks for helping others realize the dangers on why it is the worst idea ever
    Cheers Ryan Austin

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    Quote Originally Posted by GRNOVA View Post
    Professional shops know what type of lift will work best for their business. Most professional shops have both two post and four post lifts

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