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      Feb 2005
      Cologne, Germany

      Bringing a Vehicle into Germany

      Looks like there are no new posts on here for a while so I'm assuming laws change and there may be new info.

      I moved to Germany a month ago for 3 years and would like to explore bring the 69 Camaro over. I've already been to the 'Ring twice and can't take it anymore with a slow car. It's fully PT'd with LS2, Viper T56, full suspension and brakes, in tank pump, seats, seatbelts, etc.

      I know all the requirements to get it here and taxes for import, but what are the requirements for the TÜV and registration tarrif I would have to pay. I need to go to an office and have a chat with them, but I'd like to know what to expect. It's extremely hard to find info on older vehicles here, especially with limited German abilities.

      Do I have to meet 1969 emissions or newer? The engine was a GM perf parts piece so it has no code that would ID to a specific vehicle or model year and I'm using a 2001 F body computer so if they pulled OBD it would come up as that.

      What about all the other stuff like suspension, brakes, etc.
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      Mar 2009
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      I'm on a english speaking german/european mustang forum with lot of stationed peoples over there. maybe they can help? check www.mightymustangs.net
      Kevin S. (overseas in Germany)

      1972 Buick Skylark GS 455 (Stage 1 Clone)

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      Jan 2002
      If its temporary you might want to check if its possible to keep your US plates and insurance.
      I'm not positive on how it works but I think its a major process to heve TUV on such a car, then youd have to pay tax.
      Have Fun!

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      You can contact Stefan, allias the findoctor in Hamburg, he knows how to do it.


      Regards, Jo
      Corvette 86 / Bel Air 57

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      Aug 2009
      Frankfurt, Germany
      Hello, I just moved to Germany and shipped my 68 Camaro SS/RS over. The problem you will have is not in getting your car to pass a TUV as long as it is safe, the problem is if you want an "H" plate, H= Historic and not pay a lot in yearly tax's! The amount of HP= the price you pay in tax's, i.e. my car has 550HP my yearly tax's would be 3200.00 USD, YES that is the cost!!!, With the "H" plate I pay 230 EU!

      So here is the problem..... The is no standard for the TUV to use when determining which car get's an "H" plate. In the USA we just go by the age of the car. In Germany SOME TUV's want the car to be in original factory condition, so basically all the old ****ed up **** and no new SEMA type product's. So you will need to find a TUV inspector that looks past this and signs off on any changes you have do to the car for your "H" plate!!!

      It's not impossible, but it's not easy. I'm dealing with it now myself as I have a 68 Pro-touring set up.

      There is one way around all of this and that is to keep your car reg. in the USA. By German law if you have your car shipped over and your USA Reg. is still good you can drive your car until it runs out or for 6 months, and you will need Ins. for Germany as well.

      If your in the military then you can get around the TUV too, I am not so this option is not open to me.

      Hope this info helps.